Do you want to join our other satisfied customers in the north west by having a top-quality CCTV system installed?

Our experienced technicians can install systems for homeowners, shop owners, and business owners of all kinds.

Our CCTV systems provide security & peace of mind for you and your family.

not only are they a visible deterrent but should the worst happen you will have footage of the perpetrators to provide as evidence to the incident.

Our cameras can record 24/7 or can be set to motion detection recording.

Our indoor or outdoor cameras are HD and are using the latest infra-red technology for night vision recording.

CCTV installation in Southport 

TW Electrical is based in southport but we operate all over the North West

We have a vast wealth of experience in creating custom cctv systems, Home, Business, indoor & outdoor.

Each system we create is unique and tailored to your property needs

The cost of a CCTV System for your home is dependent upon a number of things, such as

  • Number of cameras
  • Type of cameras (HD or IP)
  • Where they are being placed
  • How long you need to record footage for
  • Your property location
  • How many cameras do you require? Obviously less cameras = less expensive.
  • What type of cameras do you need? Simple home cameras are cheap, pan tilt zoom cameras cost more
  • Where in your home are the cameras to be installed? As long as the cameras are below 2 stories high, costs are low
  • How much recording do you need? A few weeks is standard, but if you need a long period of recording, then costs increase
  • Where are you based? We cover the whole of the northwest